Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of joining this group?
a) Socialization and Networking: You will get to know professionals (doctor, attorney, accountant etc.) and business people. They can help you and you can help them. This may also help those who need a job or those who want to hire talented people.

b) Help in case of family emergencies: This will become a large extended family and can help each other and rely on each other in case of emergencies.

c) Matrimonial: Most of us want our kids to get married within the Agrawal community. This becomes challenging to achieve at the right age in this country since we don’t know too many Agrawal families. Also, kids are self-dependent and may not be too keen on an arrangement marriage concept. In this situation, our only hope is that if we bring a large number of Agrawal families closer to each other then our kids will interact with other Agrawal kids.

What are your privacy policies? Do you share/sell my personal information with any other organization or company?
We will never share/sell my personal information with any other organization or company.

What are your regularly planned activities?
We organize 3 events every year:

Summer Picnic
Agrasen Jayanti

I want to read more about the Agrawal community and its heritage. Can you please suggest some reading material and/or websites?
Please click on the Links menu below. We also have some books that we can send to you. Please contact us.

Are you working with any other Agrawal organizations within and outside the US?
We are connected with many Agrawal associations in USA, Canada and India.

I have a son/daughter/relative who wants to get married. How can you help?
We arrange Matrimonial Networking sessions at our regularly planned events. We will also link to Matrimonial website soon.

How old is this organization?
It was started in year 2006.

How can I become more actively involved in the organization?
We need volunteers and you can certainly help. Please contact us.