Agarwal Samaj USA has hosted very successful matrimony events in the past. The last event was the world's first ever largest Agrawal’s Matrimony Event (Parichay Sammelan) outside India where over 85 matrimonial prospects from all over the world participated in the 1 ½ day event and more than 150 matrimonial prospects registered their profile for this event. The response was so overwhelming that registrations has to be closed early. After event response was even more overwhelming. The event was very much liked by candidates and their parents and as of to date, candidates and parents are still calling to saying thanks and for sharing their success stories.

To facilitate eligible boys and girls from Agrawal community to find their dream life partners, event begins with the introduction of each participant; followed by a carefully crafted 1x1 meeting (dating), strategic games and then social get together. As always, Agrawal Samaj USA’s matrimony events are conducted in a very distinctive corporate event style where introductions and meetings are held in very safe, friendly and in a non intrusive way. Actually that’s what sets Agrawal Samaj USA Matrimony event apart from any other similar event in any place in this world. These unique introductions will pave the way for one to one meetings where the participants will meet with others and will bring their parents next day to introduce to their choice of candidates and families.

Please note that Agrawal Samaj USA is a nonprofit organization. Samta Memorial Foundation has provide most of the funding for these events.

Agrawal Samaj USA believes “Marriages are made in heaven”. We at Agrawal Samaj USA only bring both sides together to make it happen. So let’s help our young generation by spreading the words around and referring eligible candidates.

Pictures from our 2010 International Matrimony event
Pictures from our 2012 International Matrimony event

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