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Agrawal Samaj USA (ASUSA) is interested in the cultivation of brotherhood and friendship among our people with charitable, educational, religious and scientific objectives. Therefore our mission will be:

  • To establish a network and support group for members and their children to promote spiritual, social and cultural development, establishing Agrawal traditions and unity and to learn more about the proud heritage of the Agrawal's, particularly but not exclusively by the provisions of meetings, festival celebrations, worship, participating in social events, study etc.
  • To provide critically needed assistance to and services to the members of our community in activities including but not limited to- education, medical & religion.
  • To engage in humanitarian activities.
  • To unify the Hindu community by developing appreciation for and celebrating all aspects of the Hindu Philosophy and Religion.
  • Co-operation with like minded organizations.
  • To establish an Agrawal Community Center.
ASUSA is a tax-exempt non-profit organization under IRS 501(c)(3).