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Summer Picnic

June 11, 2022 starting at 11am.

Parking Information
The Spruce Run park is a popular destination; In the summers, especially on weekends, the park fills up. After a limit they close the park to additional visitors. Cops direct additional traffic to other parks. But that does not mean attendees of the group picnic are also locked out. For us, the park has sent us “parking passes” which if shown to the cops would allow the car into the park. We spoke to the park rangers, and he said that if you tell the cops that you are with the group picnic they will let you in. Passes are additional insurance.
Group Picnic Area Parking Pass - Will be available soon download

Please note that you still have to pay $10 entry fee ($20 for out of state license plates) for each vehicle entering the park even if you have a parking pass.

Google Maps Link:
Spruce Run Group Picnic Area

Spruce Run Group Picnic Area

68 Van Syckles Rd
Clinton, NJ 08809

Group Picnic Area. Mention "Group Picnic Area" to the park ranger or police, and they will let you enter even if the general parking lot is full. There is a $10 entry fee for each vehicle entering the park.
Ticket Price Per Person (free for under 6 years):
  • Members/Life Members: $10 (paid online only, until 2 days before the picnic)
  • Everyone else: $20
Park Web Site:

Park offers many activities like boat rental, hiking & playgrounds. Come early to enjoy these and many other fun activities.

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